Monday, 20 October 2008

Egress Podcast No.1

Well here it is the first of a (very) ocassional set of podcasts. Loads of artists all mashed up....I'm calling this one "Bond Thing Going on, Pt.1"

Podcast No.1 - Bond Thing Going on , Pt.1

Comments always welcome.

Mark Morb


Jab @ BZT said...

I came here from SH.TV. And holy CRAP does your server download slow. Hate to bitch but 15kbps is well, slow. You must have it hosted on godaddy?

Anyway, as soon as it downloads, I'll listen. And, let you know what methinks.

Jab @ BZT said...

Ok man, normally, this is stuff I just wouldn't go out of my way to listen to. I like the real deal, but...

That was COOL AS HELL!!!!

Keep 'em coming.

Mark Morb said...

Thanks for the comments. Not sure why you were getting such slow downloads, the hosting company must have had problems that day.
Glad you enjoyed it in the end though.

Mark Morb
Egress UK Ltd

Graham said...

Cool tunes! It's marked as 'Part 1', does this mean there is a part two? Hopefully its also called 'Bond thing going on pt 1.'
I cant wait!