Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Egress UK Update

Thought I'd just post a quick update on some of the things happening here at Egress.
Everything is going well for the launch of the new Distant Guns EP "The Invisible Observer", this gets its official release on Monday 2nd August and has already received favourable reviews and BBC radio airplay.
The release of the EP also coincides nicely with the addition of two new Digital outlets for the Egress catalogue. Juno is one of the biggest UK online stores and has the added bonus of giving you a choice of MP3 bitrates or even CD quality lossless downloads, something that I hope to see more stores offer in the future. We have also finally managed to get our releases onto Spotify so there's no excuse to not add them to your playlists now.

That's it for now...take it easy...

PS: ...just one more thing...when I'm not busy running Egress I'm also a guitarist in Voodoo Hit Squad, we have our first major gig coming up so if you're in the Hunstanton area on Friday 10th Sept then come along. More details on the Voodoo Hit Squad Myspace page.

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